28-Day Love Revolution Challenge

The practice of radical self-love starts now

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As we approach the new year, there will be no shortage of “New Year, New You” messages. As if you lack what you need to live a fully expressed life.

What if I told you that you possess everything you need to manifest and live your best life? 

Introducing the 28-Day Love Revolution Yoga Challenge:  A mindset reset designed to help you shed limiting beliefs and live a heart-centered life by tapping into your innate Divine Consciousness and practicing radical self-love.


Introducing the 28-Day Love Revolution Yoga Challenge

This challenge will help you

Establish a daily yoga practice at home

Hone and trust your intuition

Live from and manifest your truth

Shed self-limiting beliefs

Turn negative self-talk into positive affirmation

Reject the toxic conditioning of conformity

Develop self-awareness and gratitude through journaling

Cultivate inner peace and calmn through mindfulness and meditation

The 28-Day Love Revolution Challenge Starts January 4!

Join me January 4-31 for a 28-day challenge that will help you build a sustainable home yoga practice rooted in radical self-love. Let’s create a love revolution together!


About Me

I’m a writer, activist, and 600-hour certified yoga teacher. I discovered yoga more than 20 years ago, when my grandmother handed me Richard Hittleman’s 28-day Yoga Program. However, my practice began in earnest when I bought a 60-day pass to a studio near my job. At the time, I was a magazine editor, and despite living my dreams, I was stressed out, unhealthy and unhappy.

Now I’m a yoga teacher and I share lessons, philosophies and mindset shifts for radical self-love that transformed my life. My mission is to teach you the tools of mindfulness and yoga to build resilience, so you can live in the fullness of of truth — on your mat and in the world.