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Turn your yoga into a practice of radical self-love.

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Love Revolution Yoga

A virtual yoga studio where we turn yoga into a practice of self-love. Unlike a physical studio setting, there’s no pressure to show up in a certain way or contort your body into shapes that don’t fit.  Instead, you get to show up wherever you are, however you are, and create a practice that works for you.

Yoga meets you wherever you are, however you are and whatever happens happens


Hi, I’m Kimberlee


I’m a yoga teacher, writer, activist, and the creator of Love Revolution Yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga for more than 20 years. Teaching and practicing yoga has been a personal journey of self-awareness, self-mastery, self-love and resilience.

I started my practice at home with no expectations about what I should look like or how I should show up. And even though we say, yoga is for everyone, the dominant perception is that yoga is for young, skinny, hyper-flexible white women. 

Well I don’t fit that mold—and neither do so many other people who could benefit from yoga. So I’ve made it my mission to provide a safe space to learn basic yoga online, and develop a practice of self love. 

If you’ve ever felt excluded, unwelcome or unsafe in a yoga studio or wellness setting, Love Revolution Yoga is for you.

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Free Guided Meditation for Pain Relief

Carrying excess tension in the body can intensify the experience of chronic pain. This tension and release meditation helps reduce pain by systematically relaxing the muscles of the body.

What people are saying about the Love Revolution

Kimberlee is very personable, bright, and bubbly, and extremely educated, and believes in yoga for everyone. She doesn’t teach that you should do a specific pose exactly like everyone else, but do the variety that is most comfortable for you. I love this!

Keisha Porter

I highly recommend Kimberlee to anyone that wants to experience the joy that yoga can bring! She is not only a gifted and talented teacher, she cares about her students and guides us in a way that helps us feel our strength, power and worth.

Lani Gorzin

As soon as I step into her classroom or an online class I feel safe , welcome and relaxed. Kimberlee’s teaching provides me the space I need on any given day. I love that the online membership is affordable and has a variety of classes. Amazing Yoga teacher!

Amanda Wilson Scott

I had a lot of misconceptions about what yoga was and I was convinced I was too old/inflexible/out-of-shape to participate. Then I met Kimberlee. She introduced me to yoga and made it accessible and enjoyable. I highly recommend meeting her on the mat.

Liz Christianson