Why a Love Revolution?

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” ~ Audre Lorde

After more than 10 years practicing and teaching in a yoga studio setting, I realized that while I was able to create a space for myself as a (often the only) Black woman in mostly white spaces, so many others felt unsafe and unwelcome. 

And why should this be when we say that Yoga is for everyone?

I began trying to teach more accessible classes, but often felt the pressure to teach choreographed, gymnastic-style asana (movement) classes, wherein the spiritual and philosophical elements of Yoga became secondary.

In this environment, the purpose of Yoga was often reduced to a fitness practice for the young, hyper-flexible, and able-bodied, rather than a practice intended to calm the mind and guide us to our true Divine nature.

Instead of developing a deeper love for who we are, modern Yoga classes—particularly those in the West—have become part of the billion dollar fitness industry, and part of toxic systems that tell us we can be happy if only we were different.

These systems tell us we can be happy if we had the right car, hair, clothes; if we’re the right height, weight, or have the right skin color. They perpetuate inequality and violence against women and people of color; and they separate us from our families and communities as a way to maintain the structures of power and inequality.

All of this is the antithesis of Yoga and Love Revolution Yoga is my way of rejecting these harmful structures in the yoga and wellness industry, and providing a safe space to turn yoga into a practice of self love. 

Yoga meets you wherever you are, however you are and whatever happens happens

Hi, I’m Kimberlee

I’m a yoga teacher, activist, an award-winning author, and the founder of Love Revolution Yoga. I my ’ve been practicing yoga for more than 20 years, and teaching for six.

I earned my 600-hour yoga certification in 2014 from the Southwest Institute of Healing arts, where I learned to approach yoga with a holistic and trauma aware perspective. My education is grounded in Hatha Yoga, with a strong focus on philosophy, core strength, and accessibility.

In addition to teaching Hatha and Vinyasa style asana (movement) classes, I also teach aerial yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Pre-Covid I taught regular classes and workshops, and assisted with teacher trainings in physical yoga studio spaces including Core Power Yoga, Twisted Yoga, Glendale Community College, and Spirit of Yoga.

Before Studio Life

My practice started at home with no expectations about what I should look like or how I should show up. And even though we say, yoga is for everyone, the dominant perception is that Yoga is for young, skinny, hyper-flexible white women.

Well I don’t fit that mold—and neither do so many other people who could benefit from the practices of Yoga and Mindfulness. So I’ve made it my mission to provide a safe space to learn basic yoga online, from the comfort of your own home. Love Revolution Yoga is a return to the foundations of my home practice and I am simply sharing that practice with you.

Teaching and practicing yoga has been a personal journey of self-awareness, self-mastery, self-love and resilience, and now I share these insights and mindset shifts that enabled me to live a more fully expressed, authentic, and courageous life through the Love Revolution online yoga studio.

At the heart of everything I teach is the invitation to show up and develop a deep love yourself exactly as you are—nothing added, nothing taken away. We start by exploring the concepts on our mat, and then find ways to take the practices out into the world.

If you’ve ever felt excluded, unwelcome or unsafe in a yoga studio or wellness setting, Love Revolution Yoga is for you.

What people say about practicing with me

Kimberlee Morrison’s online Yoga Community called Love Revolution Yoga is MAGNIFICENT. I love all of her offerings. As yoga teacher myself , I absolutely love taking classes from really incredibly knowledgeable teachers. She is definitely a Powerful Teacher!

Kit Wilson

I had a lot of misconceptions about what yoga was and I was convinced I was too old/inflexible/out-of-shape to participate. Then I met Kimberlee. She introduced me to yoga and made it accessible and enjoyable. I highly recommend meeting her on the mat.

Liz Christianson

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