Self Love Challenge


Join this self love challenge designed to help you establish a daily yoga habit and develop a more loving relationship with yourself.

self love revolution challenge

What if I told you

you already have everything you need to start practicing yoga at home today?

You don’t need any fancy pants or an expensive yoga mat. And you certainly don’t need a membership to a luxury yoga studio or gym.

All you need is to decide and start where you are.

Stop for a moment and pay attention to your breath.

This is the beginning of your yoga practice right here.

Introducing the 28-Day Self Love Revolution

This 28-Day self love challenge is a roadmap for starting a home yoga practice and creating a more loving relationship with yourself in the process.

This self-love challenge

will help you:

  • Start practicing yoga home
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Live from and manifest your truth
  • Shed self-limiting beliefs
  • Turn negative self-talk into positive affirmation
  • Reject the toxic conditioning of conformity
  • Develop self-awareness and gratitude through journaling
  • Cultivate inner peace through mindfulness and meditation

Why A Self Love (Yoga) Revolution?

After more than a decade of combined teaching and practicing yoga in physical studio spaces, I came to the conclusion that they are the least accessible places to practice yoga. 

Modern yoga as practiced in the West is a fitness practice. And the fitness industry is part of the same systems that try to convince us we are are not good enough, all so they can take your money.

In this framework of “yoga for fitness,” classes in physical space are often ableist, performative, and exclusionary. They are often listed as “all levels,” and invite you to move through a sequence of poses in unison with everyone else in the room. 

There’s no there’s no space or instruction for fitting the poses to your body, rather than fitting your body to the poses. And so much of the language is borrowed from fitness and diet culture.

You’ll absolutely get more fit if you attend three or more 60-minute vinyasa flow classes a week for six months.

But none of that has anything to do with Yoga.

The purpose of Yoga is to help you become, well, more you. It’s to help you discover inner peace throuh self mastery. 

Where yoga is a practice of non-vilence, justice, and love, the modern yoga studio is part of the legacy of colonization and white supremacy. 

Where yoga is a practice of liberation, western yoga often reproduces and reinforces systems of oppression. 

The 28-Day Self Love Revolution Challenge takes you on a journey of starting a yoga practice at home without the trappings of diet and fitness culture. It gives you the tools to building a home yoga practice that works for you — rather than moving and breathing on someone else’s rhythm.

In the process, you’ll start a self love journey that invites you to (re)discover and choose yourself every single day.


Hi, I’m Kimberlee

I’m an award-winning author, activist, and 600-hour certified yoga teacher. I’ve been practicing yoga more than 20 years and teaching since 2015. 

I started my practice at home with no expectations about what I should look like or how I should show up. And even though we say, yoga is for everyone, the dominant perception is that Yoga is for young, skinny, hyper-flexible white women.

Well I don’t fit that mold — and neither do so many other people who could benefit from the practices of Yoga and Mindfulness.

So I’ve made it my mission to provide a safe space to learn basic yoga online, from the comfort of your own home. Love Revolution Yoga is a return to the foundations of my home practice and I am simply sharing that practice with you.

Join the Self Love Revolution

Discover the practice of self love by starting your home yoga practice today.