You are the Mother
The protector and nurturer
Life springs from your womb
You are born from the womb of your ancestors
Connected many generations back,
And many generations forward.
You carry the gift of creation and preservation
Strength and resilience
Hope and harmony

You are the Priestess
The wise, spiritual leader
Sage, witch and medicine woman
You are the scholar and storyteller
The keeper of culture and history
You are the alchemist and the soothsayer
Your gift is to heal, educate, and divine


You are the Warrior
The keeper of the gates
You protect the heart and the spirit
You hold the safe space for yourself and others
Words, art, dance
Glares, swords, and spears
Your weapons are many
But the greatest is Love

You are the Lover
Embracing and seeking pleasure
Because it is your birthright
To enjoy the glory of life
You are in tune with your center of creation
The great expanse
Of your sphere of influence
You own the power inherent
In your sensuality



You are the Goddess
A multifaceted being
The embodiment of everything
The space of creation
The keeper of the gates
The magician and scholar
Sensuality and Love

You are Woman.
You are.
I am.