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How Yoga Saved My Life — And My Mental Health

I used to consider yoga “low-impact” exercise. But after more than a decade of practice, it’s the one constant that has supported my mental health through spiritual growth and emotional regulation.

Riding the Lupus Roller-Coaster to Shame and Back to Self Love Again

There are approximately 1.5 million people in the US living with Lupus, 90% of them are women, and 40 percent are black women. I was diagnosed in 2016.

Why You Need a Home Yoga Practice

Studio classes are the least accessible way to experience yoga and in this blog post about the importance of establishing a home yoga practice, I explain why.

Learning to Cherish My Relationships With Women

I used to think I preferred the company of men; then I realized those relationships were mostly about sex. It was within my relationships with women that I learned to love unconditionally and now these are the relationships I cherish most.

How Showing Up Helps Create Inclusive Spaces

How Showing Up Helps Create Inclusive Spaces

Sometimes all it takes to feel unwelcome is walking into a space and being the only person who looks like you in the room. However, your presence as “the first” or “only” is a courageous act of leadership that facilitates learning and normalizes diversity. You might even be the reason someone else feels safe showing up and taking up space.

Yoga For Chronic Pain

Taking a holistic approach to yoga including meditation and breathwork can help you find inner peace, regulate your nervous system, reduce chronic pain, and discover self-acceptance.