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How Yoga Saved My Life — And My Mental Health

I used to consider yoga “low-impact” exercise. But after more than a decade of practice, it’s the one constant that has supported my mental health through spiritual growth and emotional regulation.

Riding the Lupus Roller-Coaster to Shame and Back to Self Love Again

There are approximately 1.5 million people in the US living with Lupus, 90% of them are women, and 40 percent are black women. I was diagnosed in 2016.

Why You Need a Home Yoga Practice

Studio classes are the least accessible way to experience yoga and in this blog post about the importance of establishing a home yoga practice, I explain why.

Learning to Cherish My Relationships With Women

I used to think I preferred the company of men; then I realized those relationships were mostly about sex. It was within my relationships with women that I learned to love unconditionally and now these are the relationships I cherish most.